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I am committed to learning about you and your needs to help you traverse the home buying and selling process. My goal is to ensure that your experience is seamless by utilizing my knowledge and resources which span beyond the real estate world. I believe in earning trust and acting with integrity whether at work or at home, which is one of my best attributes. Working with me you will also get the team at the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Bradfield Properties office who will do whatever it takes to ensure that every client has every possible resource we can offer.

I have experience in the mortgage industry which will assist in the loan approval process once that perfect home is found. It is important to understand the needs of the approval processes and expectations of lenders when time is of the essence avoiding unnecessary closing delays.

My organization and planning skills were developed when I worked for a fortune five hundred company as an event coordinator tasked with coordinating corporate conferences, senior management meetings and employee experience events. I led a team of employees which performed every function necessary to run our events to reduce overhead and increase value. This required me to become well versed in every aspect of the events such as catering, decorating, program planning, sound equipment, and stage building.

My experience in home technology and future proofing comes from a background in telecommunications. I had the opportunity to work for one of the top telecommunications and entertainment companies in the country. My skills in fiber optic home networks and high speed internet have helped me become an expert in home technology. When buying a home today the land line is no longer a requirement and connecting the technology that has become an integral part of our daily lives has now become a home requirement. I can help verify that your home will also suit your technological needs.

My wife and I are a team and we work together on every aspect of our lives. We have two children who we hope to shape into much better adults than we can ever become. I dedicate myself to being the best father and husband I can be. Putting equal effort into my family as I do in my work. I don’t believe you can achieve true greatness unless you have balance in your life. I am always learning and adapting as times change but my home life and work life balance is a requirement in my success.

I look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business, not just for today, but also tomorrow. 

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The entire team at United Real Estate has contributed to the most amazing home purchase process a person could expect. They are simply a dynamic group of people with extensive interpersonal skills in addition to expertise in every facet of the business. Thanks team!

- Susan Red

Great Experience & Good people! I Highly Recommend!

- Hauloffs Kassie Morales

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! As a seller, a buyer, and an agent of United Real Estate, this is the BEST brokerage you can choose.

- J Wilson Plath

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